Getting Started
Welcome to the Humanode testnet "Shamshel". In this guide, we will be assisting the transformation of the soon-to-be human nodes into human nodes with our Desktop App.

The Shamshel TestNet

Shamshel will remain as a closed beta for roughly 2 weeks to stabilize the network, and then will undergo one further UI/UX update before being released to the public, inviting all to join the Humanode TestNet. It is a new chain. Those who participated in V1 need to generate a new mnemonic and attach it to you biometric identity again.
Shamshel has features such as: forkless runtime upgrade, cutting-edge proof-of-human-existence protocol, Aura consensus, support of thousands of human nodes at any given time, and user-friendly UI to launch a human node locally or in the cloud. Participants will be able to become human nodes through a biometric enrollment process, validate blocks, send transactions, and participate in FaceTec's $100,000 anti-spoofing bounty programme.
Shamshel supports Linux, macOS, and Windows, in combination with iOS and Android.
In Shamshel you need to bioauthenticate every 72 hours to maintain an active validator status.
If you fail to do so, your node will stop producing and validating blocks.

Humanode Desktop App

To facilitate the process of becoming a Humanode for our community, we've been working hard on an application that will help with installing and configuring the blockchain node.
Install the app on your desktop (or laptop), and then install the node with it either locally - on the same system where the desktop app itself runs, or remotely - on an Ubuntu system via SSH. The remote system can be headless - i.e. a usual Cloud VM or VPS will work fine.
You don't have to keep the desktop app open, when you close the app the node continues to run in the background.
Follow this guide to learn the details on how to set up and use the desktop app and how to become a Humanode!

Hardware requirements

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 40 GB disk space
  • 100 Mbps internet connection
  • Public IP address or ports forwarded in NAT (and ngrok-like tunnel)

Handheld devices for a web app

You will need a handheld device (like a phone or tablet) to capture the biometric data. No special configuration is required.
  • iOS or Android. UPD: iOS 15 is not supported yet. Update in development.
  • Camera
  • Accelerometer
  • Modern Web browser (Chrome / Firefox / Safari)
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